Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tree 952

Tree 952   Acer capillipes, Red snakebark maple,
  Kyushu Maple  ホソエカエデ hosoekaede

Close cousin to the Pére David's Maple ( see Tree 817 ), which is originally from China. This species of maple originated in Japan.
Apparently both species hybridize easily amongst each other.   This tree is located in the Arboretum area, which is directly below West Lawn, and close to the Lougheed Highway, this tree is within about 200 Metres to the southerly rear corner of the Crease Clinic building. 

This particular specimen was planted to honour John Davidison, AKA Botany John, who played a prominent role in botanical research in British Columbia; the first Botanical garden in western Canada was located on what was then known as the, Provincial Mental Hospital, Essondale, B.C.,  near  the Henry Esson Young building, and two nurses accomodations; known today as the Fernwood and Adminstration buildings.

 Dedication plaque for Tree 952

Note the distintive bark

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